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Your Private Day Out on a Boat

A private boat trip with Lobster, grilled fish, or chicken for lunch 


A full day with a Lobster Lunch (and we can fit timings around you). A sailboat ride, a speedboat ride up the coast, . Swimming off the back of the boat just tell us what you'd like to do, then imagine a sailboat at sunset in Antigua....

"We love Antigua and we love being on the water", what is even better is to take people along to show them the beautiful waters and of course it's always warm!! 

The Stunning West Coast of Antigua with Boat Trips Antigua


The relatively flat seas of the west coast of Antigua make for a beautiful calm days sailing or a fast trip in a power boat.


So many people gasp at the colour of the water and how it changes, someone took a photo and emailed it to an artist friend, his friend replied:  "there is no such colour"


What would you like to do? May we make some suggestions:

A gentle sail, anchor for lunch in  peaceful bay, maybe a trip to the beach, snorkel while lunch is prepeared for you on board.


A fast trip along the coast or ride to a deserted beach where we can drop you off, leave you with lunch and return for you at a designated time. 


Tell us what you'd like to do. the trips are exclusive to you, so it really is up to you.  All we will add is that the day out is weather dependant and we reserve the right to cancel the trip if we feel that the weather conditions are not suitable.


You will need suncream and towels and if you desire we can arrange for a taxi to bring you to your boat.  This will be charged at local rates.

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